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Enseignant(s) Tarik YEFSAH ( ENS-PSL CNRS ) Pierre-François COHADON ( ENS-PSL Sorbonne Université CNRS ) Pierre Cladé ( CNRS )
Contacts :

Head of program : Tarik Yefsah


01 44 32 38 03


Steering comittee: 

  • Tarik Yefsah
  • Pierre-François Cohadon
  • Pierre Cladé

Enhance your Master with Complementary Knowledge in Quantum Science and Technology and Experience New Ways to learn.

  • Acquire an international experience
  • Start building your network
  • Find generously funded internships
  • Pick your trainings without extra commitment


DigiQ (Digitally Enhanced Quantum Technology Master) is Europe’s largest quantum education project, which aims to reshape the landscape of the future of quantum physics. Its mission is to redefine the trajectory of quantum physics for the years to come and to ensure Europe’s leading role in this new technological revolution.

One central pillar of the European agenda is to reshape the quantum education landscape by making it more accessible, inclusive, transparent and applicable. And this is DigiQ.

DigiQ stands as Europe's largest quantum education project, with a mission to redefine the trajectory of quantum physics in the years to come.

Through DigiQ, you can study innovative quantum courses, participate in internships and exchange programs, and join one of four DigiQ networks with fellow students and researchers from all across Europe.

DigiQ is a flexible program designed to be accessible to all students. You may study just one course, join a network, or take a single internship.


Timeline of EFEQT, one of the four DigiQ Network. From efeqt.eu.


A European consortium of 21 institutions and 3 companies in 10 countries work together to offer an innovative teaching approach to prepare the next generation of quantum experts with:

  • 50+ Specialist courses
  • 30 Innovative education modules
  • 4 Pan-European networks
  • A wide offer of generously funded internships



DigiQ-Courses are hands-on educational innovations built using resources from all 24 of the DigiQ partners. Every DigiQ University has different DigiQ-Courses, including some taught online from across Europe! Here is the list of ENS courses to be offered next year as DigiQ-Courses

  • Atoms and Photons - ICFP Master 2
  • Support hardware for Quantum Technologies - Master QE
  • Atomtronics - Master QE
  • Mathematical methods for Quantum Computing level 1 - Master QE
  • Mathematical methods for Quantum Computing level 2 - Master QE
  • PSL Week



Fully funded internships and exchanges of up to 6 months are available across Europe and applications will open soon.

We encourage students from the ICFP Master 1 and Quantum Engineering Master to apply.

Reach out to tarik.yefsah@lkb.ens.fr to prepare your application.



Join one of the 4 DigiQ-Networks and connect with like-minded students and find mentors at top European institutions!

  • EFEQT - Empowering the Future Experts in Quantum Science & Technology
  • AQT - Advocates for Quantum Technologies
  • AQISS - Applied Quantum Information Science Student Network
  • NQC - Network for Quantum Computing


Past events

Quantum Ideas Factory in Paris
Oct 20-22, 2023

The Quantum Ideas Factory is a unique 3-day event where approximately 30 Master students performing their studies at a European University are selected to participate in solving modern quantum problems derived from state-of-the-art research in a lively atmosphere.


2DQM Summer School in Lucca, Italy
July 20-22, 2023

The aim of the School was to give the opportunity to students to interact with leading-edge scientists in the context of 2D materials so as to learn about subjects that are usually hardly touched during standard educational programs


QUANTUM CARLA: The Quantum Career Symposium, Barcelona
April 26, 2023

Organized by the Master in Quantum Science and Technology in Barcelona, this symposium was dedicated to careers in quantum science and technologies that is open to everyone.


… many more DigiQ events to come


How to apply

In the coming weeks, you will be able to sign up to DigiQ Courses, and Internsips/exchanges on DigiQ-Track.

Applications for DigiQ-Networks are now closed for 2023/2024. Try next year!


Lear more about DigiQ on the official website DigiQ.eu !