M1 ICFP Internships

Publié le 21 septembre 2023 , modifié le 18 mars 2024
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The second semester of the M1,  between February and July,  if fully devoted to a full time research project which French students usually carry out abroad. This full-time internship takes place in a laboratory belonging to a public research organization or a major industrial company, preferably in the Europe, but also other countries. It is carried out under the responsibility of a laboratory researcher, and should leave the student a certain amount of autonomy, so that he or she can derive maximum benefit from this first long-term immersion in a professional research environment.

The research internship offers students an exceptional opportunity to broaden their horizons and scientific culture.

Its semester-long duration gives it the status of a real research project, often leading to a first scientific publication. The project culminates in the submission of a written report presenting the results obtained and an oral defense before a jury comprising the Director of Studies, the program manager and external researchers. The assessment takes into account the presentation of the thesis and the student's oral expression, as well as the quality of the work accomplished.

The internship is also an opportunity to discover the world, as shown in the video made by the phys13 class at the bottom of this page