Bernard Plaçais


Bernard Plaçais received the physicist degree from the Ecole Supérieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielle and the master in solid state physics from Sorbonne University in 1980. He obtained the PhD degree and Habilitation diploma from Sorbonne University in 1983 and 1990, respectively. He is research director at Physics Institute of CNRS (centre national de la recherche scientifique) and works since 1983 at the Laboratoire de Physique de l'Ecole Normale Superieure (UMR 8023 of the CNRS). In 2000, he participated to the creation of the Mesoscopic Physics group of ENS, which he is heading. From 2010 to 2017 he was director of the french Quantum Mesoscopic Physics network  (GDR 2425 of the CNRS). He is partner of the Graphene Flagship (2013-2023) and editorial board member of J. Phys. Materials. He is member of the selection panel of the European MicroKelvin Platform. He received the Three Physicist Prize 2020 (see prize seminar). His interest covers mesoscopic physics, nanoelectronics, quantum elecronics, graphene electronics, topological matter and vortices in superfluids and superconductors. He has authored 120 PUBLICATIONS and supervised 22 PhD thesis.

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Address: Laboratoire de Physique de l'ENS, 24, rue Lhomond, 75005 Paris, France
Office: L294
Lab: L175
Phone: +33 1 44 32 3456
Fax: +33 1 44 32 3840
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Sub-nanosecond transport in quantum Hall effect (QHE) conductors  

               Quantificattion of the chrage relaxation resisitance                       AC current quantification                quantum noise of a single electron emitter                  admittance of a chiral inductor    
   Quantization of the charge relaxation resistance           AC currrent Quantization          Noise of a single electron emitter        Admittance of a quantum chiral inductor

Electron Quantum Optics with QHE edge channels

   single electron source     electronic Hong Ou Mandel experiment     Pauli correlation dip     electronic Hong Ou Mandel experiment       cover science
      Single electron emitter               Hong-Ou-Mandel experiment        Fermionic Hong Ou Mandel dip           Electron fractionalization                  anyon collider

Graphene field-effect transistors

  graphene nano-transistor    80 GHz graphene on sapphire transistor     Kgated-constact transistor       current saturation of a Zener-Klein transistor 

               Nano G-FET                          80 GHz G-FET on saphire                      Gated contact G-FET                         Zener-Klein transistor

Noise thermometry investigation of cooling pathways in graphene

  hot electrons in graphene electron-phonon-impurity superccollisisons in graphene   Hperbolic-phonon cooling

             AC phonon cooling                Supercollision cooling             Hyperbolic phonon cooling       

High-bias physics in graphene

 QHEBD             Frenkel-Pool hBN          Schwinger            electroluminescence

Magneto-Exciton instability of QHE              Frenkel-Pool breakdown of hBN             Schwinger breakdown of Klein-collimation                  Mid-infrared electroluminescence          

Dirac Fermion Optics & Plasmonics in graphene

            reflector                 Dirac Fermion Reflector measurement and simulation                  Graphene plasma resonance capacitor

               Klein tunneling reflector (th.)                                      Klein tunneling reflector (exp.)                                          Plasma Resonance Capacitor

Volkov-Pankratov states in HgTe/CdHgTe Topological Heterojunctions 

Capacitance and scattering spectroscopy of Volokv-Pankrtov states               HgTE/CdHgTe-oxide-metal capacitor                 
Volkov-Pankratov-states                  High-field phase diagramme                   Evanescent-wave admittance spectrum          Scattering spectroscopy of VP states         HgTe/CdHgTe capacitor 

Single carbon nanotube devices

       on demand single electron injection                   on demand single electron injection                           trasnconductance cnt-FET                            
  Shot-noise in the Kondo regime      Ultimate CNT-FET nanotransistor     Transconductance and noise conductance of CNT-FETs 

Vortices in rotating superfuids:  He-4 (2 Kelvin) and fermionic He-3 (2 milli-Kelvin)

            superfluid vortices in a tilted box                        superfluid vortices in a tilted box                                 NMR detection of vortex nucleation under neutron irradiation                        universal  nucleation rate under neutron irradiation             milli-Kelvin rotating cryostat
Bending length of vortex lattices         Second-sound anisotropy (He-4)       Vortex nuclation under neutron irradiation (He-3)Kibble-Zurek quench (He-3)         Aalto's ROTA-2 cryostat (He-3)

Vortices in superconductors (basics) : DC transport, AC susceptibilité, flux-flow noise

            High-frequency spectrum of the efffective penetration depth in the vortex state (PbIn).  Low frequency corrsponds to the inductive response and the high-frequency tail to the viscous flux flow regime. Thee crossover is best described by the two-mode electrodynamics.                   High-frequency spectrum of the efffective penetration depth in the vortex state (PbIn).  Low frequency corrsponds to the inductive response and the high-frequency tail to the viscous flux flow regime. Thee crossover is best described by the two-mode electrodynamics.          Peak effect in the surface pinning slippage strength        The flux-flow noise spectrum in increasing vortex velocity     The flux-flow noise spectrum in increasing vortex velocity  
        Current-voltage in the vortex state (PbIn)         2-mode electrodynamics (PnIn)            Collective pinning (Nb)                  Voltage noise  (PbIn)                  Magnetic field noise (PbIn)

Vortices in superconductors (advanced)

       anisotropic flux-flow resistivity of UPt3              Soft and hard vortex cores of UPt3 vortices                       High-frequency spectrum of the efffective penetration depth in the vortex state og YBCO                Crticil currents in anisotropic NbSe2
          Topological  f-wave UPt3          Double core of f-wave UPt3 vortices (J. Sauls)           Penetration depth in d-wave (YBCO)         Critical current in 2H-NbSe2     

Interlude : bird watching

juvenile seagull (Le Croisic, Aug. 28, 2017)        night heron    ring-necked parakeet 2021    ring-necked parakeet 2021     martin betoule

                Juvenile seagull                   Juvenile night-heron                              Ring-necked parakeet                                              Kingfisher

Conferences and schools :

Rencontres du Vietnam 2017 :
Nanophysics, from fundamental to applications reloaded, Quy-Nhon august 2017

Rencontres du Vietnam 2013 :
Nanophysics, from fundamental to applications the return, Quy-Nhon  4-10 august 2013

Ecole de physique quantique mésoscopique 2012
Transport quantique électronique :  cohérence, interactions et symétries, Cargèse

Discussions Lavoisier 2011
Prospective workshop series on graphene physics and technology.
Orsay meeting on graphene eelctronics and spintronics.

Sessions du GDR de Physique Quantique mésoscopique  2009-2017
Mesoscopic Physcis network annual meetings in Aussois

Tremblay Summer School 2007-2010 :
"Nanoscience Ile de France" series, domaine du Tremblay

Rencontres de Moriond 2008 :
Quantum transport and Nanophysics, La Thuile 8-15 march 2008

Rencontres du Vietnam 2006 :
Nanophysics, from fundamental to applications, Hanoi  6-12 august 2006

International collaborations

GRAPHENE FLAGSHIP, WP7 : electronic devices  (2013-23)
logo flagship

ULTI  : Transnational Acces to Ultra Low Temperature Infrastructures, ESPOO-Finland (2000-08) 
CARDEQ FP6-EU-STREP  : Carbon Nanotube Devices at the Quantum Limit (2006-09)

Lectures :

Ecole Cargèse du GDR Graphene and Co, April  2018
Electronic transport in graphene

Graphene Study,  Flagship Residential School, Kaprun, March 2015
Noise and Ballistics in graphene (parts 1 and 2)

Aalto University, April 2014
Electron Quantum Optics with Edge States, part 1
Electron Quantum Optics with Edge States, part 2

Tremblay Summer School, June 2012
Microwave graphene electronnics

Ecole Cargèse du GDR de Physique Mésoscopique, Oct. 2008
Transport dynamique dans les conducteurs mésoscopiques : aspects expérimentaux, part 1
Transport dynamique dans les conducteurs mésoscopiques : aspects expérimentaux, part 2      


Focus, Review and Outreach

Ancrage des vortex dans les supracondcuteurs, EDP Sciences, 2000     Special Issue Hot carriers in Graphene       cack-cover       Reflets_physique   JPMATTER