Soft Matter

Lecture notes on Soft Matter (ENS, Master 1)

Statistical physics

Lecture notes on Statistical physics - introductory course (ENS, L3)
Article about Bose: Royal Society
Exercizes in Statistical physics - (ENS, L3)

Lectures on the molecular mechanics of fluids at Collège de France, 2023

These are a series of 8 lectures given at Collège de France, on the topics of Nanofluidics, from fundamentals to innovation.

A first inaugural lecture for a broad audience can be found here: 'The molecular mechanics of fluids' (leçon inaugurale)

Outline of the lectures: click here

The 8 lectures can be found at:

Lectures are in french but an automatic translation can be obtained on youtube.
Each lecture is followed by a scientific seminar: click here

Hinshelwood Lectures 2018 - Soft Interfaces: A Journey Across Scales

These are a series of 6 lectures given at the Chemistry department of Oxford, on the topics of Soft Interfaces.

The topics of the lectures are: