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Phd manuscripts from the team

(after 2018)

“Many-body effects in nanoscale fluid transport”, Phd manuscript by Nikita Kavokine (2021).

“Multiscale Ice and Snow friction”, Phd manuscript by Luca Canale (2019).

“Nonlinear ionic transport at the nanometric and Ångströmetric scales”, Phd manuscript by Anthony Poggioli (2019).

“Rheology and tribology at the nanoscale”, Phd manuscript by Jean Comtet (2018).

“Fundamental study of nanofluidic transport : or How to reinvent the colander”, Phd manuscript by Sophie Marbach (2018).

“Ion transport at the nanoscale : new material-carbon nanotube, new functionality - mechanical transistor- and new technology - 3D nano-printer”, Phd manuscript by Laetitia Jubin (2018).