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Startups from Micromegas

  • Sweetch

    Sweetch Energy

    Nanotechnologies applied to blue osmotic energy: a new path to clean, abundant electricity from earth’s estuaries and deltas. From the lab to the industrialization.
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  • Hummink


    Hummink uses a patented technology that combines a nanometric “pen” with an oscillating macroresonator to perform a capillary deposition of various liquids. The system’s movement adapts to the specificities coming from either the ink or the substrate thanks to a unique electronic control. You can deposit virtually anything on anything.
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  • UPI

    Universal Probe Instrument

    UPI proposes a universal sensor and there is no limitation in the interaction probe one can imagine. Indeed size does not matter and there is no issue in integrating any kind of probe on our instruments.
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