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Papers submitted:

- Molecular streaming and its voltage control in angström scale channels
T. Mouterde, A. Keerthi, A.R. Poggioli, S.A. Dar, A. Siria, A.K. Geim, L. Bocquet, and B. Radha, Nature (accepted, 2018)

- Ionic Coulomb blockade as a fractional Wien effect
N. Kavokin, S. Marbach, A. Siria, L. Bocquet, under review

- Atomic rheology of a gold quantum point contact
J. Comtet, A. Laine, A. Nigues, L. Bocquet, and A. Siria, under review


“Transport and dispersion across wiggling nanopores ”
S. Marbach, D. Dean, L. Bocquet
Nature Phys. (2018), https://doi.org/10.1038/s41567-018-0239-0

“Shear thinning in non-Brownian suspensions”
G. Chatte, J. Comtet, A. Niguès, L. Bocquet, A. Siria, G. Ducouret, F. Lequeux, N. Lenoir, G. Ovarlez, A. Colin
Soft Matter, 14 879 (2018)

“Dramatic pressure-sensitive ion conduction in conical nanopores”
L. Jubin, A. Poggioli, A. Siria, L. Bocquet
Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, 115 4063 (2018)

“Crossover of the Power-Law Exponent for Carbon Nanotube Conductivity as a Function of Salinity”
Y. Uematsu, R. Netz, L. Bocquet, D. Bonthuis
J. Phys. Chem. B, 122 2992 (2018)

L. Canale, A. Laborieux, A. Aroul Mogane, L. Jubin, J. Comtet, A. Laine, L. Bocquet, A. Siria, A. Niguès,
Nanotechnology, 29 355501 (2018)

Article n162

“Dripplon: localized and super fast ripples of water confined between graphene sheets”
H. Yoshida, V. Kaiser, B. Rotenberg, and L. Bocquet,
Nature Com. 9 1496 (2017)


Article n158

“New avenues for the large scale harvesting of blue energy”
A. Siria, M.-L. Bocquet and L. Bocquet,
Nature Reviews Chemistry 1 0091 (2017)

Article n157

“Active sieving across driven nanopores for tunable selectivity”
S. Marbach and L. Bocquet,
Journal of Chemical Physics 147 154701 (2017)

Article n156

“The Landau-Squire plume”
E. Secchi, S. Marbach, A. Niguès, A. Siria and L. Bocquet,
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 826 R3(2017)

Article n155

“Linking Rheology and Printability for Dense and Strong Ceramics by Direct Ink Writing”
A. M'Barki, L. Bocquet, A. Stevenson,
Scientific Reports 7, 6017 (2017)

Article n154

“Pairwise frictional profile between particles determines discontinuous shear thickening transition in non-colloidal suspensions”
J. Comtet, G. Chatté, A. Niguès, L. Bocquet, A. Siria, and A. Colin,
Nature Communication 8 15633 (2017)

Article n153

“Nanoscale capillary freezing of ionic liquids confined between metallic interfaces and the role of electronic screening”
J. Comtet, A. Niguès, V. Kaiser, B. Coasne, L. Bocquet and A. Siria,
Nature Materials, 16 634-639 (2017)

Article n152

“Electrostatic interactions between ions near Thomas-Fermi substrates and the surface energy of ionic crystals at imperfect metals”
V. Kaiser, J. Comtet, A. Niguès, A. Siria, B. Coasne, L. Bocquet,
Faraday Discussions 199, 129-158 (2017)

Article n151

“Flows in one-dimensional and two-dimensional carbon nanochannels: Fast and curious”
M. Majumder, A. Siria, L. Bocquet,
MRS Bulletin 42, 278-282, April 2017

Article n150

“Osmotic and diffusio-osmotic flow generation at high solute concentration. I. Mechanical approaches”
S. Marbach, H. Yoshida, L. Bocquet,
Journal of Chemical Physics 146 194701(2017)

Article n149

“Osmotic and diffusio-osmotic flow generation at high solute concentration. II. Molecular dynamics simulations”
H. Yoshida, S. Marbach, L. Bocquet,
Journal of Chemical Physics 146 194702 (2017)


Article n148

“Origins of Negative Gas Adsorption”
J. Evans, L. Bocquet and F.X. Coudert,
Chem, 1 873-886 (2016)

Article n147

“Chemisorption of Hydroxide on 2D Materials From DFT Calculations:Graphene Versus Hexagonal Boron Nitride”
B. Grosjean, C. Péan, A. Siria, L. Bocquet, R. Vuilleumier, M.-L. Bocquet
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 7, 4695-4700 (2016)

Article n146

“Carbon membranes for efficient water-ethanol separation”
S. Gravelle, H. Yoshida, L. Joly, C. Ybert, L. Bocquet,
Journal of Chemical Physics 145 124708 (2016)

Article n145

“Destabilization of a flow focused suspension of magnetotactic bacteria”
N. Waisbord, C. Lefevre, L. Bocquet, C. Ybert, C. Cottin,
Physical Review Fluids 1 053203 (2016)

Article n144

“Massive radius-dependent flow slippage in singe carbon nanotubes”
E. Secchi, S. Marbach, A. Niguès, D. Stein, A. Siria and L. Bocquet,
Nature 537 210 (2016)

Article n143

“Principle of active osmotic exchanger for advanced nanofiltration”
S. Marbach and L. Bocquet,
Physical Review X 6 031008 (2016)

Article n142

“Labyrinthine water flows across multilayer graphene-based membranes: molecular dynamics versus continuum predictions”
H. Yoshida and L. Bocquet,
Journal of Chemical Physics 144 234701 (2016)

Article n141

“Activated desorption at heterogeneous interfaces and long-time kinetics of hydrocarbon recovery from nanoporous media”
T. Lee, L. Bocquet, and B. Coasne
Nature Com. 7, 11890 (2016)

Article n140

“Scaling behavior for ionic transport and its fluctuations in individual carbon nanotube”
E. Secchi, A. Niguès, L. Jubin, A. Siria, L. Bocquet
Phys. Rev. Lett. 116 154501 (2016)

Article n139

“Velocity condensation of magnetotactic bacteria”
J.F. Rupprecht, N. Waisbord, C. Cottin, C. Ybert, L. Bocquet
Phys. Rev. Lett. 116 168101 (2016)

Article n138

“Anomalous capillary filling and wettability reversal in nanochannels”
S. Gravelle, C. Ybert, L. Bocquet, L. Joly
Phys. Rev. E 93 033123 (2016)