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Hinshelwood Lectures 2018 - Soft Interfaces: A Journey Across Scales

These are a series of 6 lectures given at the Chemistry department of Oxford, on the topics of Soft Interfaces.

The topics of the lectures are:
  • - "Slippery roads of hydrodynamic slippage"
  • - "Flows at Nanoscales, from Exotic Transport to Ionic Machines"
  • - "Playing with Osmosis: Kidney Filtration, Active Sieving and Energy Harvesting"
  • - "Interfacial Transport: from Colloid Transport to Active Matter"
  • - "Ski Friction and the Alchemy of Waxing"
  • - "An Outdoor Pause: Skipping Stones, Splashes (and some tea to conclude)"

  • The lectures can be viewed at this link: Link to the podcasts