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Maxime Dahan
Research Scientist (CNRS) &
Associate Professor at Ecole Polytechnique
My address
Laboratoire Kastler Brossel  
Physics & Biology Department, Ecole normale supérieure  
24, rue Lhomond 75005 Paris, France
Tel : +33 1 44 32 33 99 Fax: +33 1 44 32 34 34
email : maxime.dahan@lkb.ens.fr

My research interests


For the last couple of years, I have been working on the development and applications of single molecule techniques to biology. Using semiconductor quantum dots as fluorescent probes, we record the motion of individual biomolecules in vitro and vivo wtih ms time resolution and nanometer spatial accuracy. We are currently using these techniques to study DNA-protein interactions in vitro, the diffusion dynamics of membrane receptors in cultured neurons, the properties of individual molecular motors in the cytoplasm of live cells and the localisation of cell-fate determinants during asymmetric cell division of stem cell-like Drosophila neuroblasts.

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My publications
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  Lecture on quantum mechanics at Ecole Polytechnique
  Cours M2 IPB Paris 7 "Détection optique de biomolécules individuelles": partie 1 & partie 2

Articles pour examen IPB 2007 (fichier .zip)

  Cours M1 Paris 6 "Microscopies optiques pour la biologie" (pdf, 9.8 Mo) (ppt, 11 Mo)

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