Several post-doctoral positions available to collaborate with Thierry Mora and Aleksandra Walczak on statistical modeling of the adaptive immune system.

We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated post-doctoral candidates to work on a theoretical biophysics project aimed at understanding how the adaptive immune system recognizes and responds to pathogenic challenges, using techniques from statistical inference and machine learning. With the increasing deluge of data on immune repertoires, there is strong need for theories and computational techniques to decode immunity and its co-evolution with pathogens. The postdocs will take an active part in this endavour.

Research will be conducted at the Ecole normale supérieure (part of PSL University), the leading academic and research institution in France located in the heart of the Latin quarter, among a high density of top research institutions. The postdocs will join a vibrant group of researchers working at the interface of physics and immunology, embedded in the exciting environment of a world-class physics department.

Post-doc candidates are expected to have solid experience in statistical physics, inference methods and data analysis, and both analytical and computer programming skills. Interest and possibly a previous experience in biology will be valuable. Their work will be fully interdisciplinary, including both elaboration of models and inference methods, sequence-data analysis and experimental data analysis in direct interaction with experimentalists.

Interested candidates should send a CV with list of publications with a short email motivating your interest in the position by February 15th, 2020 to Thierry Mora and Aleksandra Walczak (emails: