Year 2014

Correlation functions in N=4 SYM

Evgeny Sobko (LPT)

Abstract In this thesis we investigate correlation functions in N=4 SYM. The operator product expansion in N=4 SYM theory, as in any CFT, is completely characterized by its 2-point and 3-point correlation functions of local operators. In a (...) | ↦ Read more

Interaction between carbon nanotubes and their physicochemical environment : towards the control of the optical properties

Fabien Vialla (LPA)

Abstract This thesis deals with an experimental study on pristine and functionalized single-wall carbon nanotubes by means of photoluminescence spectroscopy. Due to nanotubes original one-layer structure, the physico-chemical environnement can (...) | ↦ Read more

Creation and tomography of entangled states with up to 40 atoms in a cavity

Florian Haas (LKB)

Abstract We demonstrate the creation and characterization of multiparticle entangled states of neutral atoms with the help of a high finesse cavity. Our experimental setup consists of a fibre-based high finesse cavity above the surface of an (...) | ↦ Read more

The Bose gas at large scattering lengths

Swann Piatecki (LPS)

Abstract This thesis deals with the Bose gas at large scattering lengths using quantum path-integral Monte Carlo simulations. At first, this type of simulation is presented through the example of the free Bose gas. The Bose gas is then (...) | ↦ Read more

Charge and spin dynamics in a hybrid circuit QED architecture

Jérémie Viennot (LPA)

Abstract This thesis investigates experimentally the coupling mechanism of the charge and spin degrees of freedom in double quantum dots to high -finesse superconducting microwave cavities. We use carbon nanotubes as a coherent conductor to (...) | ↦ Read more

Ultrafast dynamics of Terahertz Quantum cascade lasers – Graphene as a Terahertz emitter

Jean Maysonnave (LPA)

Abstract The terahertz (THz) range is a region of the electromagnetic spectrum which lies at the limit between the electronic and optical domain. Currently, THz applications suffer from the lack of sources and detectors. In this context, this (...) | ↦ Read more

Theoretical study of the free carrier absorption in quantum cascade structures

Camille Ndebeka-Bandou (LPA)

Abstract The demand to produce reliable THz detectors and emitters has lead to a signicant improvement of the Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs). First demonstrated in 1994 in the mid-infrared range, these unipolar semiconductor lasers are one of (...) | ↦ Read more

Past quantum state method applied to the quantum non-demolition measurement of the photon number in a cavity

Théo Rybarczyk (LKB)

Abstract We experimentally study the evolution of photon-number states of a microwave field stored in a very high finesse Fabry-Perot cavity. To probe the field, we send one by one circular Rydberg atoms which interact dispersively with the (...) | ↦ Read more

Theoretical and experimental study of spin-1 antiferromagnetic Bose-Einstein Condensates

Lingxuan Shao (LKB)

Abstract We study theoretically and experimentally the properties of spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensates with antiferromagnetic interactions realized in the ultra-cold sodium gases confined in optical dipole traps. We present in detail how to (...) | ↦ Read more

Mechanical effects of dipolar interaction of Rydberg atoms probed by microwave spectroscopy

Raul Celistrino Teixeira (LKB)

Abstract The typical energy scales that arise from dipolar interaction between Rydberg atoms are orders of magnitude bigger than those related to the interaction between atoms and molecules at the ground level. A length scale of several (...) | ↦ Read more

Nonlinear transport and Terahertz generation in two-dimensional systems under strong optical irradiation

Simon Huppert (LPA)

Abstract This thesis treats of nonlinear behaviors in two types of bidimensional systems: semiconductor heterostructures as well as a monolayer material, graphene. It consists into two parts: the modelling of new effects for electromagnetic (...) | ↦ Read more

Investigation under magnetic field of new quantum structures for infrared and terahertz photonics

Simon Maëro (LPA)

Abstract This work reports on the study under magnetic field of three interesting quantum systems, which present remarkable electronic properties and potential applications for infrared and terahertz photonics : two quantum cascade structures, (...) | ↦ Read more

Open quantum systems and quantum stochastic processes


Abstract Many quantum physics phenomena can only be understood in the context of open system analysis. For example a measurement apparatus is a macroscopic system in contact with a quantum system. Therefore any experiment model needs to take (...) | ↦ Read more

A Statistical Mechanics approach to the modelling and analysis of place-cell activity

Sophie Rosay (LPT)

Abstract Place cells in the hippocampus are neurons with interesting properties such as the correlation between their activity and the animal’s position in space. It is believed that these properties can be for the most part understood by (...) | ↦ Read more

Etude de la décohérence de paquets d’onde mono-électroniques dans les canaux de bord de l’effet Hall quantique entier

Vincent Freulon (LPA)

Résumé Cette thèse est consacrée à l’étude de la décohérence de paquets d’onde mono-électroniques injectés dans un conducteur quantique balistique. Les paquets d’onde sont générés à l’aide d’une capacité mésoscopique, utilisée comme source d’électrons (...) | ↦ Read more

Mixtures of Bose and Fermi superfluids


Abstract Manifestations of Quantum Physics at the thermodynamical level are found in a broad range of physical systems. A famous example is superfluidity, discovered at the beginning of the 20th century and found in many different situations, (...) | ↦ Read more

Coherence and superfluidity of Bose gases in reduced dimensions: from harmonic traps to uniform fluids.

Lauriane Chomaz (LKB)

Abstract The dimensionality of a system strongly affects its physical properties; the phase transitions that take place and the type of order that arises depend on the dimension. In low dimensional systems phase coherence proves more difficult (...) | ↦ Read more

Towards deterministic preparation of single Rydberg atoms and applications to quantum information processing

Carla Hermann Avigliano (LKB)

Abstract Rydberg atoms and superconducting cavities are remarkable tools for the exploration of basic quantum phenomena and quantum information processing. These giant atoms are blessed with unique properties. They undergo a strong (...) | ↦ Read more

The Josephson mixer, a Swiss army knife for microwave quantum optics

Emmanuel Flurin (LPA)

Abstract This thesis work explores unique features offered by the Josephson mixer in the rising field of microwave quantum optics. We have demonstrated three major roles the Josephson mixer could play in emerging quantum information (...) | ↦ Read more

Out-of-equilibrium optical properties of pristine and functionalized carbon nanotubes

Benjamin Langlois (LPA)

Abstract This thesis is devoted to the experimental study by femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy of micellar solutions of carbon nanotubes. The properties of carbon nanotubes are greatly affected by their 1D geometry. Confinement of electrons (...) | ↦ Read more

Coherent manipulations of Rydberg elliptic states through quantum Zeno dynamics


Abstract We describe the conception of a new experimental setup to manipulate the internal state of a Rydberg atom inside the Stark manifold using a well-polarized radiofrequency electric field. This setup allowed us to transfer with a nearly (...) | ↦ Read more

Magnetism with spinor Bose-Einstein condensates with antiferromangetic interactions

Vincent Corre (LKB)

Abstract We experimentally study the magnetic properties of spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensate of Sodium at equilibrium. In this system the atoms can occupy any of the three Zeeman states. We measure the spin state of the system as a function of (...) | ↦ Read more

Probing an ytterbium Bose-Einstein condensate using an ultranarrow optical line: towards artificial gauge fields in optical lattices

Matthias Scholl (LKB)

Abstract In this work I present the development of a new experiment to produce quantum degenerate gases of ytterbium. This project aims at realizing artificial gauge fields with ultracold atoms in optical lattices. Combining intense gauge (...) | ↦ Read more