How Viruses Make New Viruses : A Single Molecule View
Rob Phillips (Caltech, USA)

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Salle de Conférences IV - 2ème étage - 13h30

Jeudi 6 novembre

Résumé :

Viruses have enormously rich and varied life cycles. Bacterial
viruses have a hallowed position in the development of modern biology and
recently have become the subject of intensive physical investigation. Using
single-molecule techniques, it has become possible to examine viruses both
while they package and eject their DNA. One of the intriguing aspects of
these processes is that they bring large forces (greater than 50 pN) into play.
My talk will give a general introduction to viruses and their life cycles and
will then focus on simple physical arguments about the forces that attend
viral DNA packaging and ejection, predictions about the ejection process and
single-molecule measurements of ejection itself.

Salle de Conférences IV - 2ème étage - 13h30