Tarik Yefsah was awarded the 2017 Edouard Branly Prize

The Edouard Branly Award rewards young researchers for outstanding research in the field of physical sciences, possibly with a perspective of applications of societal interest. A large part of the rewarded work must have been done in France.
This prize is awarded by the French Federation of Scientific Societies and the association of Edouard Branly’s friends.

In 2017, two young Université PSL researchers were distinguished: Tarik Yefsah from the ENS Kastler Brossel Laboratory (LKB), and Antonin Eddi from the ESPCI Laboratory of Physics and Mechanics of Heterogeneous Environments.
The award ceremony took place on March 5th at ESPCI. On this occasion, the two researchers presented their research at a conference entitled: "Emerging properties in physics: cross-views between cold atoms and hydrodynamics."

Tarik Yefsah is a CNRS researcher working at the LKB since January 1st 2016 in the "Fermi gas" team.
He was rewarded for his work on two-dimensional Bose gases. The weakly repulsive Bose 2D gas is one of the simplest systems giving rise to the emergence of a topological order in the low-end regime. Tarik has developed a set of new methods that have made it possible to study the thermodynamic properties of the Bose gas and to confirm the scale invariance of this system.
He also initiated the first transport experiment in a two-dimensional atomic gas. With the help of a laser beam, acting as a dynamically controlled obstacle, Tarik and his colleagues recreated in the laboratory the situation imagined by Landau in his superfluidity theory. This experiment demonstrated the frictionless flow property of this system, under a certain temperature threshold.