The physics of exceptional points

Stefan Rotter (TU Vienna) — June 1st

Abstract :
In my talk I will discuss the recent exciting developments associated with non-Hermitian degeneracies, also known as “exceptional points”. After having been studied mostly in the domain of mathematical physics, quite a number of experiments have recently demonstrated how the presence of exceptional points leads to very counter-intuitive effects, such as loss-induced lasing, chiral field modes, topological energy transfer etc. I will try to provide an introduction to this topic as well as an overview of the many different areas of physics in which exceptional points are meanwhile being explored.

Biography :
Stefan Rotter is a professor of theoretical physics at Vienna University of Technology in Austria. After his studies in Vienna and Lausanne, he worked as a postdoc at Yale University. On his return to Vienna he set up his own group with a focus on waves in disordered media, non-Hermitian physics, laser theory and quantum optics. On these topics the Rotter group also frequently collaborates with experimental teams, many of which are based in France.

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