Casimir Energies and Forces An Accelerating Subject (video)

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13h30 - Pièce 236 - 2ème étage
29 rue d’Ulm, Paris
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Kimball Milton University of Oklahoma, USA - Jeudi 17 octobre.

There has been an acceleration of interest in quantum vacuum forces, including
Casimir-Polder and Casimir forces. Dramatic improvements in theory and
experiment have taken place in the past few years. Formerly, the subject of
quantum fluctuation energies and forces was a rather esoteric one, but recently
there have been various special funding mechanisms to explore this field in the
United States and Europe. More generally, the largest funder of physics research in
the US, the Office of Science of the US Department of Energy, has declared its
mission to be EXPLORING THE QUANTUM UNIVERSE. This has a number of
meanings, but among them is understanding the accelerating expansion of the
universe. Indeed, Dark Energy, which makes up some 70% of the energy of the
universe, likely results from quantum fluctuations ! This talk will give a general
overview of the subject of quantum vacuum energy, including discussion of recent
developments, such as Casimir torques, systematics of self-energies, and Casimir


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13h30 - Pièce 236 - 2ème étage
29 rue d’Ulm, Paris
Contact :,