Maximilian Puelma Touzel

IVADO Post-doctoral fellow at Mila
biophysics, neuroscience, machine learning

PhD, Physics (IMPRS Physics of biological and complex systems), University of Göttingen
MSc, Physics, University of Toronto
BSc, Physics & Mathematics, University of Toronto

cebeuq [tod] alim [ta] mtamleup

Dec. 2019 We are organizing a Neuroscience and AI workshop at NeurIPS2019 (Vancouver).
Nov. 2019 With yet another wonderful edition of the Montreal Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience (MAIN) conference, Montreal is further establishing itself as the hotbed for incisive NeuroAI research. Honoured to have my new postdoc work recognized with two awards here.
Sept. 2019 nnRNN paper accepted to main program of NeurIPS 2019 .
May 2019 We are organizing a Physics and AI Workshop in Montreal.

I am interested in understanding how the dynamics of learning systems implement and exploit adaptive representations of their environments. Suitably translated, such knowledge can inform a wide range of applications from clinical rehabilitation to better machine learning algorithms. I use both Fig.1 & 7 theoretical and computational approaches to answer questions driven by analysis of (big, when necessary) datasets generated in experimental collaborations.

Brief CV:

With Aephraim Steinberg, I was first exposed to the physical limits of information processsing in quantum information science. Inspired by the science of successful forays of physicists into biology, I realized neuroscience offers a fascinating area to articulate this idea. With Fred Wolf, I then focussed my attention on the dynamics of neural circuits, as information processing systems par excellence. The brain is not, however, the only system with high-dimensional sensing and representational capacity. I recently rounded out my cell biology and data analysis while developing inference frameworks for probabilistic models of adaptive immune repertoire change with Aleksandra Walczak and Thierry Mora.

I am currently back in Canada on an IVADO post-doctoral fellowship. Based at Mila and the Department of Mathematics at l'Université de Montréal, I am pursuing research at the intersection of neuroscience, machine learning and biophysics with Yoshua Bengio and Guillaume Lajoie.


An inference perspective on urgency in decision-making
Puelma Touzel M, Chua R, Bengio Y, Cisek P, Lajoie G. in preparation.

Non-normal Recurrent Neural Network (nnRNN): learning long time dependencies while improving expressivity with transient dynamics
Goyette K, Kerg GC, Puelma Touzel M, Gidel G, Vorontsov E, Bengio Y, Lajoie G.
NeurIPS 2019 (accepted).
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Inferring repertoire dynamics from repertoire sequencing
Puelma Touzel M, Mora T, Walczak A. in preparation.

Statistical mechanics of spike events underlying phase space partitioning and sequence codes in large-scale models of neural circuits
Puelma Touzel M, & Wolf F.
PRE (2019).
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Precise tracking of vaccine-responding T-cell clones reveals convergent and personalized response in identical twins
Pogorelyy M, Minervina A, Puelma Touzel M, Sycheva A, Komech E, Kovalenko E, Karganova G, Egorov E, Komkov A, Chudakov D, Mamedov I, Mora T, Walczak A, Lebedev Y.
PNAS (2018).
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Origin of Public Memory B Cell Clones in Fish After Antiviral Vaccination
Magadan S, Jouneau L, Puelma Touzel M, Marillet S, Chara W, Six A, Quillet E, Mora T, Walczak A, Cazals F, Sunyer O, Fillatreau S, Boudinot P.
Front. Immunol. (2018).
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Invasions of Host-Associated Microbiome Networks
Murall CL, Abbate JL, Puelma Touzel M, Allen-Vercoe E, Alizon S, Froissart R, & McCann K.
Chapter in "Networks of Invasion: Empirical Evidence and Case Studies". Advances in Ecological Research (2017).
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Cellular dynamics and stable chaos in balanced networks
PhD Thesis, University of Goettingen (2015).
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Complete Firing-Rate Response of Neurons with Complex Intrinsic Dynamics
Puelma Touzel M, & Wolf F.
PLoS Computational Biology (2015).
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Dynamical models of cortical circuits
Wolf F, Engelken R, Puelma-Touzel M, Weidinger JDF, & Neef A.
Current Opinion in Neurobiology (2014).
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Optimal bounded-error strategies for projective measurements in nonorthogonal-state discrimination
Touzel MAP, Adamson RBA, & Steinberg AM.
PRA (2007).
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