Netadis Summer School on Complex Systems

Random Graphs and Random Maps:
Statistical Physics Approaches to Static and Dynamical Properties

Random graphs are of central importance in probability theory, combinatorics, and statistical physics. The purpose of these lectures is to review, in a non-rigorous manner, the typical properties of random graphs, with a strong emphasis on the Erdos-Renyi ensemble. We will illustrate those properties, and in particular the percolation transition, on the special case of random systems of Boolean equations. Statistical mechanics techniques will be introduced to study rare properties, that is, large deviations from the typical case. In the second lecture we will focus on dynamical processes modifying random graph structures, and analyze their evolution. Furthermore the replica method for 'dilute' systems will be presented. Finally, in the third lecture, random spatial maps will be considered, in relationship with the modeling of recent experiments in neurobiology.
Suggestions for further readings: