Workshop 3: Higher dimensional CFT and integrability

5-9 December 2011


Conformal field theories in more than two space-time dimensions cannot be approached with the same algebraic techniques that are being applied successfully to 2-dimensional CFTs. Even though interesting examples were known to exist for a long time, such as e.g. N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory in 4-dimensional space-time, their solution had seemed far out of reach. Over the last decade, however, there has been remarkable progress concerning the classification and construction of higher-dimensional conformal field theories, helped at least in parts by gauge/string dualities. In these developments, two-dimensional solvable models provide conceptual guidance and, more importantly, many of the new computational tools. On the other hand, low-dimensional physics is also challenged to go beyond the well established techniques. Topics to be addressed during the third part include the classification of conformal field theories in three and four space-time dimensions as well as computational tools for anomalous dimensions, correlators, scattering amplitudes and Wilson loops. The interplay with two-dimensional classical and quantum integrable models, in particular those associated to higher rank (super-)groups, will be a particular focus.

Confirmed participants for theme 3

Physicists: O. Aharony*, Y. Aisaka, V. Kazakov, G. Korchemsky, V. Schomerus, G. Semenoff, J. Teschner, K. Zarembo
Mathematicians: J. Germoni


G. Semenoff: Introduction to N=4 SYM theory
K. Zarembo: Strings in Anti-de-Sitter target spaces

Workshop programme

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