Workshop 1: Logarithmic CFT and representation theory

3-7 October 2011

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Logarithmic conformal field theories (LCFTs) appear in a variety of physical contexts. These include phase transitions in 2+1 dimensional disordered non-interacting electronic systems (such as the transition between plateaux in the integer quantum Hall effect, integer spin quantum Hall effect etc), scaling properties of geometrical objects such as polymers or percolation clusters, or sigma models on supergroups, in particular in the context of the AdS/CFT conjecture.

While the study of LCFTs has long been hindered by technical difficulties, major progress has taken place recently, thanks to new methods such as the mini-super space approach, the construction of lattice regularizations, the theory of indecomposable Virasoro modules.

In many of these recent developments, algebraic insights play a major role, and profound relations with the theory of quantum groups at roots of unity and the theory of non semi-simple associative algebras (Temperley Lieb, Brauer etc) have been uncovered.

The purpose of this component of the workshop is to study these insights further, to make progress on the indecomposable features of bulk LCFTs, and to come up with physical applications.

Other topics covered will include the role of non compactedness, and the study of renormalization group flows between LCFTs.

Confirmed participants for theme 1

Physicists: V. Bazhanov, C. Candu, J. Cardy, M. Gaberdiel, M. Henkel, V. Mitev, T. Quella, N. Read, J. Rasmussen, D. Ridout, S. Rouhani, I. Runkel, V. Schomerus, M. Staudacher
Mathematicians: J. Germoni, K. Iohara, G. Lehrer, O. Mathieu, P.P. Martin


Workshop programme

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