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The trimester on Advanced Conformal Field Theory and Applications consists in an ordinary programme and three workshops.

The ordinary programme contains at least one event (lecture, course, or seminar) every day, except during weekends and public holidays. We try to limit the scheduled programme to at most two events per day, in order to leave ample time for informal discussions. The scheduled programme appears below. At any time we try to be one or two weeks ahead with the scheduling, but please consult the programme regularly, as some last-minute changes may happen.

Scientific programme for September 2011

Scientific programme for October 2011

Scientific programme for November 2011

Scientific programme for December 2011

The three workshops are described in the following links. These concentration periods will be more intensive than the ordinary programme, with 4-6 events every day. The names of invited speakers and the titles of their talks can be consulted below.

Theme 1: Logarithmic CFT and representation theory (3-7 October 2011)

Theme 2: CFT, topology, and information (2-4 November 2011)

Theme 3: Higher dimensional CFT and integrability (5-9 December 2011)