jules grucker

Jules Grucker

Assistant Professor at Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6)

Laboratoire Kastler Brossel
Physics Department - Ecole Normale Supérieure
24, rue Lhomond
75231 Paris Cedex 05 - France

e-mail : grucker@lkb.ens.fr
phone : +33 1 44 32 25 09
fax : +33 1 44 32 34 34
office : L184
lab : L171

Research interests

During my Ph.D, I was interested in atom-surface interaction. This is of the van der Waals type. In the group of Interferometry and Optics with Atoms in Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers of Université Paris 13, we implemented different rare gas metastable atom beam diffraction experiments to probe this interaction especially in the presence of an external magnetic field.
I then spent one year as a post-doc in the group Cretan Matter Waves led by Wolf von Klitzing in Herakion (Greece). There I participated to the construction of an experiment which has since produced an ultra bright atom laser (87Rb).

In 2009, I got a permanent position at Université Paris 6 (now Sorbonne Université). I do in my research in the the Laboratoire Kastler Brossel solid helium group. We are investigating experimentally the possibility of bringing solid helium into a supersolid state by putting it in a metastable state in regard to its equilibrium melting pressure. We are also interested in the cavitation of superfluid helium, that is the destabilization of metastable liquid helium.