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Amps = Amplitudes

EIS = Elliptic Integrable Systems, Special Functions and Quantum Field Theory

IGST = Integrability in Gauge and String Theories

IHES 2020 = Integrability, Anomalies and Quantum Field Theory

RAQIS = Recent Advances in Quantum Integrable Systems

RTIS = Representation Theory and Integrable Systems

Name Title Conference Slides Video
AVAN JeanClassical r-matrix structure for the complex sine Gordon model.RAQIS 2020YesYes
BABENKO ConstantinOne point functions of fermionic operators in the Super Sine Gordon model.RAQIS 2020YesYes
BELLIARD SamuelSome recent advances in the Algebraic Bethe AnsatzRAQIS 2020YesYes
BYKOV DmitryA new look at integrable sigma-models and their deformations.RAQIS 2020YesYes
CANTINI LuigiBoundary emptiness formation probabilities in the six-vertex model at Δ=1/2.RAQIS 2020YesYes
CRAMPE NicolasFree-Fermion entanglement and Leonard pairs.RAQIS 2020YesYes
FRASSEK RouvenNon-compact spin chains, stochastic particle processes and hidden equilibrium.RAQIS 2020YesYes
GAMAYUN OleksandrModeling finite entropy states with free fermions.RAQIS 2020YesYes
GÖHMANN FrankThermal form factor series for dynamical correlation functions of the XXZ chain in the antiferromagnetic massive regime.RAQIS 2020YesYes
JIN Zizhuo TonyQuantum exclusion processes.RAQIS 2020YesYes
KOZLOWSKI KarolConvergence of the form factor series in the quantum Sinh-Gordon model in 1+1 dimensions.RAQIS 2020YesYes
LEVKOVICH-MASLYUK FedorSeparated variables and scalar products at any rank.RAQIS 2020YesYes
MALLICK KironeExact solution for single-file diffusion.RAQIS 2020YesYes
MEDENJAK MarkoDissipative Bethe Ansatz: Exact Solutions of Quantum Many-Body Dynamics Under Loss.RAQIS 2020YesYes
NICCOLI GiulianoNew quantum separation of variables for higher rank models.RAQIS 2020YesYes
PROLHAC SylvainRiemann surfaces for KPZ fluctuations in finite volume.RAQIS 2020YesYes
SANTACHIARA RaoulNew bootstrap solutions in two-dimensional percolation models.RAQIS 2020YesYes
SCHEHR GregoryNon-interacting trapped fermions: from GUE to multi-critical matrix models.RAQIS 2020YesYes
SERBAN DidinaThe wave functions of the q-deformed Haldane-Shastry model.RAQIS 2020YesYes
VIGNOLI LouisSeparation of variables bases for integrable Y(gl(M|N)) models .RAQIS 2020YesYes
ZADNIK LenartInhomogeneous matrix product ansatz and exact steady states of boundary-driven spin chains at large dissipation.RAQIS 2020YesYes
Anne TaorminaMathieu Moonshine: Symmetry Surfing and Quarter BPS States at the Kummer PointIHES 2020NoYes
Chris HullDegeneration, Geometry and DualityIHES 2020NoYes
Costas BachasCoupling Holographic UniversesIHES 2020NoYes
Cumrun VafaSupersymmetric Quantum Field Theories and the SwamplandIHES 2020NoYes
Erik VerlindeTitle to be confirmedIHES 2020NoYes
Fedor SmirnovDiagonal Matrix Elements for the Sinh-Gordon Model in Finite VolumeIHES 2020NoYes
Gregory GabadadzeField Theory for Massive Gravity and CosmologyIHES 2020NoYes
Ivo SachsSpace Time Actions from The World LineIHES 2020NoYes
Jean-Michel BismutFokker-Planck Operators and the Center of the Enveloping AlgebraIHES 2020NoYes
Leon TakhtajanIntegrable QM Operators from Mirror CurvesIHES 2020NoYes
Manuela KulaxiziCFT and Black HolesIHES 2020NoYes
Nana ShatashviliGeneralized Beltrami-Bernoulli Flow Model for Astrophysical Disk-Jet Structure FormationIHES 2020NoYes
Pierre VanhoveMirror Symmetry and Feynman IntegralsIHES 2020NoYes
Ruben MinasianAnomalies, Inflow and HolographyIHES 2020NoYes
Sergei GukovNew Dualities from Anomalies, and New Anomalies from DualitiesIHES 2020NoYes
Sergei LukyanovReflection Operators in Integrable CFTIHES 2020NoYes
Simeon HellermanIntegrability, Theory Space, and My Debt To Samson ShatashviliIHES 2020NoYes
Sinéad RyanQCD: Numerical Integration of a Quantum Field TheoryIHES 2020NoYes
Vasily PestunMultiplicative Higgs BundlesIHES 2020NoYes
Vladimir KazakovConformal Fishnet TheoryIHES 2020NoYes
Vladimir KorepinLattice Nonlinear Schroedinger EquationIHES 2020NoYes
Zohar KomargodskiNew Results and ApplicationsIHES 2020NoYes
AldayGenus one string amplitudes from CFTString Math 2019YesNo
AndersonNew aspects of heterotic geometryString Math 2019YesNo
AnicetoFrom asymptotics to exact results in string and gauge theoriesString Math 2019YesNo
Beem– Building VOAs out of Higgs BranchesString Math 2019YesNo
Cheng3d Quantum ModularityString Math 2019YesNo
GaiottoLine defects in Omega-deformed M-theoryString Math 2019YesNo
GualtieriRealizing the potential of generalized Kähler geometryString Math 2019YesNo
GukovHidden algebraic structures in topologyString Math 2019YesNo
KapustinChiral central charge and the thermal Hall effect on the latticeString Math 2019YesNo
LarforsString perspectives on manifolds with G2 structureString Math 2019YesNo
LonghiAspects of a correspondence between quivers and knotsString Math 2019YesNo
NekrasovFun with folded instantonsString Math 2019YesNo
OkounkovDuality interfaces in 3-dimensional theoriesString Math 2019YesNo
Pasquetti3d N=2 dualities from 2d free field correlatorsString Math 2019YesNo
PestunMultiplicative Higgs BundlesString Math 2019YesNo
PetersenLie, associative and commutative quasi-isomorphismString Math 2019YesNo
Schafer-NamekiFibers add flavor: Classification of 5d SCFTs, flavor symmetries and BPS statesString Math 2019YesNo
SeibergAnomalies in the space of coupling constantsString Math 2019YesNo
TaylorElliptic and genus one fibration structure of known Calabi-Yau threefoldsString Math 2019YesNo
VanhoveMirroring towers of Feynman integrals: Fibration and degeneration in Feynman integral Calabi-Yau geometriesString Math 2019YesNo
YauStability and nonlinear PDEs in mirror symmetryString Math 2019YesNo
YonekuraDirac quantization and Maxwell anomaly in string theoryString Math 2019YesNo
Niklas Beisert"Global Heating and the Scientic Community"IGST 2019YesNo
Olalla Castro-Alvaredo"Entanglement Content of Localized Excitations"IGST 2019YesNo
Frank Coronado"Bootstrapping the simplest four-point function in N=4 SYM"IGST 2019YesNo
Sergey Derkachov"Separation of variables and Basso-Dixon correlators in two-dimensional fishnet CFT"IGST 2019YesNo
Lorenz Eberhardt"An exact AdSIGST 2019YesNo
Igor Klebanov"Dynamics of tensor and SYK models"IGST 2019YesNo
Shota Komatsu"Holey sheet, integrability!"IGST 2019YesNo
Igor Krichever"The Bethe ansatz equations and integrable system of particles"IGST 2019YesNo
Pedro Liendo"The Bootstrap Program for Defect CFT"IGST 2019YesNo
Dalimil MazáÄ_x008d_"Sphere Packing and Quantum Gravity"IGST 2019YesNo
Stefano Negro"The T-Tbar deformation of 2D QFTs. A "gentle" introduction to irrelevant deformations"IGST 2019YesNo
Enrico Olivucci"Dynamical fishnets"IGST 2019YesNo
Raul Pereira"The five-point function in N=4 at strong coupling"IGST 2019YesNo
Valentina Petkova"The Octagon form factor as a determinant"IGST 2019YesNo
Leonardo Rastelli"Exploring a Famous Irrelevant Deformation of N=4 SYM"IGST 2019YesNo
Paul Ryan"Separated variables and factorized wave functions in GL(n) spin chains"IGST 2019YesNo
Diego Trancanelli"Deformations of the circular Wilson loop and spectral (in)dependence"IGST 2019YesNo
Stijn vanTongeren"Integrable deformations and AdS/CFT"IGST 2019YesNo
Yifan Wang"Knots from M-theory"IGST 2019YesNo
Xi Yin"String spectrum in RR flux background from NSR closed string field theory"IGST 2019YesNo
Nima Arkani-Hamed(Binary) Positive Geometry of (Generalized) Causal Diamonds, Particles and StringsAmps 2019YesYes
Paolo BenincasaFrom scattering amplitudes to cosmological observablesAmps 2019YesYes
Zvi BernOrbital Dynamics for LIGO/Virgo from the Double Copy and EFTAmps 2019YesYes
Lorenzo BianchiLoop recursion and dual conformal symmetry for form factorsAmps 2019YesYes
Leron BorstenFrom the double-copy to twin superconformal field theoriesAmps 2019YesYes
Jacob BourjailyAdventures in Perturbation TheoryAmps 2019NoYes
Francis BrownAmplitudes and cohomologyAmps 2019NoYes
Eduardo CasaliMonodromy relations from twisted homologyAmps 2019YesYes
Lance DixonEnergy-Energy Correlation at Small AnglesAmps 2019YesYes
Livia FerroThe Momentum AmplituhedronAmps 2019YesYes
Ömer GürdoğanScattering amplitudes as cluster-adjacent polylogarithmsAmps 2019YesYes
Maxwell HansenMulti-hadron amplitudes from lattice QCDAmps 2019YesYes
Johannes HennAnalytic results for complete five-particle scattering amplitudes at NNLOAmps 2019YesYes
Enrico HerrmannGravity integrands from the UVAmps 2019YesYes
Henrik JohanssonAmplitudes with reduced supersymmetry in gauge theory and gravityAmps 2019YesYes
David KosowerFrom Scattering Amplitudes to Classical ObservablesAmps 2019YesYes
Sangmin LeeMassive S-matrix from minimal coupling to black holesAmps 2019YesYes
Carlos MafraOne-loop superstring amplitudesAmps 2019YesYes
Pierpaolo MastroliaFeynman Integrals and Intersection TheoryAmps 2019YesYes
Kirill MelnikovPrecision physics at the LHC: what and howAmps 2019YesYes
Ricardo MonteiroTwo-Loop Integrands from the Scattering EquationsAmps 2019YesYes
Alexander OchirovScattering of spinning black holes from amplitudesAmps 2019YesYes
Ben PageThe Analytic Structure of Five-Parton Amplitudes for LHC Phenomenology at NNLOAmps 2019YesYes
Jan PlefkaClassical effective action of dilaton gravity and the double copyAmps 2019YesYes
Ira RothsteinThe black hole S matrixAmps 2019YesYes
Robert SchabingerGPLs for Feynman integrals with unrationalizable algebraic symbol lettersAmps 2019YesYes
Vladimir SmirnovFour-loop quark form factor with quartic fundamental colour factorAmps 2019YesYes
Lorenzo TancrediFeynman integrals and higher-genus surfacesAmps 2019YesYes
Andrew TolleyPositivity Bounds in Effective Field TheoriesAmps 2019YesYes
Gabriele VenezianoGravitational deflection/radiation in/from trans-planckian-energy collisionsAmps 2019YesYes
Bram VerbeekAmplitudes in N=4 SYM in the High-Energy LimitAmps 2019YesYes
Anastasia VolovichCluster Adjacency, Celestial Amplitudes and Other TopicsAmps 2019YesYes
Matthew von HippelHexagon Functions to Seven LoopsAmps 2019YesYes
Stefan WeinzierlCutting and sewing of amplitudesAmps 2019YesYes
Congkao WenModular Forms and U(1)-violating amplitudes in type IIB superstring theoryAmps 2019YesYes
Federico ZerbiniString amplitudes from genus zero to genus oneAmps 2019YesYes
Luis Fernando AldayBootstrap, present and futureStrings 2019YesYes
Ahmed AlmheiriUnitary Semiclassical Black Hole EvaporationStrings 2019YesYes
Nima Arkani-HamedProspects for contact of string theory with experimentsStrings 2019YesYes
Christopher BeemVertex Algebras and Superconformal Field Theories in Four DimensionsStrings 2019YesYes
Zvi BernOrbital Dynamics for LIGO/Virgo from the Double Copy and EFTStrings 2019YesYes
Agnese BissiGenus one string amplitudes from CFTStrings 2019YesYes
Simon Caron-HuotUnreasonable simplicity of AdS5xS5 correlatorsStrings 2019YesYes
Alejandra CastroSiegel paramodular formsStrings 2019YesYes
Jan de BoerSewing entanglement wedgesStrings 2019YesYes
Xenia de la OssaModuli spaces in heterotic string theoryStrings 2019YesYes
Lorenz EberhardAn exact AdS3/CFT2 dualityStrings 2019YesYes
Monica GuicaIrrelevant current-current deformations and holographyStrings 2019YesYes
Daniel HarlowHolographic spacetime reconstruction and related topicsStrings 2019YesYes
Song HeGeneralized particles and strings from combinatorial geometryStrings 2019YesYes
Veronika HubenyHolographic Entropy RelationsStrings 2019YesYes
Seok KimAdS black holes and Cardy limitsStrings 2019YesYes
Zohar KomargodskiExtremal Correlators in Four DimensionsStrings 2019YesYes
Juan MaldacenaComments on the Hartle-Hawking wave function of the universeStrings 2019YesYes
Marcos MariñoFrom resurgence to BPS statesStrings 2019YesYes
Dalimil MazacSphere Packing and Quantum GravityStrings 2019YesYes
Liam McAllisterde Sitter space in string theoryStrings 2019YesYes
Mark MezeiThe TTbar deformationStrings 2019YesYes
Kantaro Ohmori’t Hooft Anomaly, Symmetry breaking, GaplessnessStrings 2019YesYes
Hirosi OoguriBounds on Mellin AmplitudesStrings 2019YesYes
Eran PaltiLight towers of states in String TheoryStrings 2019YesYes
Onkar ParrikarQuantum Complexity of Time Evolution with Chaotic HamiltoniansStrings 2019YesYes
Elli PomoniT_N, Toda and topological stringsStrings 2019YesYes
Matthew ReeceThe Swampland ProgramStrings 2019YesYes
Henning SamtlebenExceptional Field Theory and ApplicationsStrings 2019YesYes
Nathan SeibergQuantum Field TheoryStrings 2019YesYes
Ashoke SenAnalyticity properties of superstring loop amplitudesStrings 2019YesYes
Stephen ShenkerBlack holes, random matrices, baby universes, and D-branesStrings 2019YesYes
Douglas StanfordQuantum chaos and its relation to gravityStrings 2019YesYes
Andrew StromingerCritical Theory and Interferometric Observation of the M87 Photo RingStrings 2019YesYes
Brian SwingleQuantum Chaos and Scrambling: Recent DevelopmentsStrings 2019YesYes
Alessandro TomasielloString theory compactifications with sourcesStrings 2019YesYes
Sandip TrivediNear-Extremal Black Holes and the Jackiw-Teitelboim ModelStrings 2019YesYes
Pedro VieiraOctagon(s)Strings 2019YesYes
Aron WallProgress in Horizon ThermodynamicsStrings 2019YesYes
Timo WeigandQuantum Gravity Constraints and their Stringy RealisationStrings 2019YesYes
Edward WittenJT Gravity and Random Matrix EnsemblesStrings 2019YesYes
Alberto ZaffaroniProgress on AdS Black Holes in String TheoryStrings 2019YesYes
Alexander ZhiboedovLightrays, shocks, strings, and conformal collidersStrings 2019YesYes
Arash ArdehaliElliptic hypergeometric integrals and black holesEIS 2019YesNo
Carlos ArrecheDifferential transcendence of solutions to elliptic hypergeometric equations through Galois theoryEIS 2019YesNo
Farrokh AtaiSource identities for relativistic models of Calogero Moser Sutherland typeEIS 2019YesNo
Bjorn BerntsonSecond quantization of elliptic Calogero-Sutherland modelsEIS 2019YesNo
Oleg ChalykhFrom Dunkl and Cherednik operators to Lax pairsEIS 2019YesNo
Ilmar GahramanovThe role of Bailey lemma in SUSY dualitiesEIS 2019YesNo
Martin HallnäsSoliton scattering in the hyperbolic relativistic Calogero-Moser systemEIS 2019YesNo
Linnea HietalaA combinatorial description of certain polynomials related to the XYZ spin chainEIS 2019YesNo
Masahiko ItoElliptic extension of Gustafson's q-integral of type GEIS 2019YesNo
Rinat KashaevQuantum dilogarithms over LCA groupsEIS 2019YesNo
Makoto KatoriTwo-dimensional elliptic determinantal point processes and related systemsEIS 2019YesNo
Andrew KelsDiscrete integrability from hypergeometric integralsEIS 2019YesNo
Rob KlabbersRationalizing Inozemtsev's elliptic spin chain with the Legendre relationEIS 2019YesNo
Jules LamersAn exactly solvable long-range spin chain: the q-deformed Haldane-Shastry modelEIS 2019YesNo
Rebecca LodinSolving q-Virasoro constraintsEIS 2019YesNo
Kohei MotegiIzerginâ_x0080__x0093_Korepin method to elliptic identitiesEIS 2019YesNo
Nobutaka NakazonoConsistency around a cuboctahedronEIS 2019YesNo
Masatoshi NoumiFormal eigenfunctions for the elliptic Ruijsenaars difference operatorsEIS 2019YesNo
Eric RainsElliptic double affine Hecke algebrasEIS 2019YesNo
Hjalmar RosengrenCorrelations for the XYZ spin chain and Painleve VIEIS 2019YesNo
Simon RuijsenaarsPainlevé-Calogero correspondence: The elliptic 8-parameter levelEIS 2019YesNo
Michael SchlosserElliptic Stirling and Lah numbersEIS 2019YesNo
Jun’Ichi ShiraishiAffine screening operators, affine Laumon spaces, and conjectures concerning non-stationary Ruijsenaars functionsEIS 2019YesNo
Takashi TakebeQ-operators for higher spin eight vertex models with a rational anisotropy parameterEIS 2019YesNo
Alexander VarchenkoDynamical elliptic Bethe algebra, KZB eigenfunctions, and theta-polynomialsEIS 2019YesNo
Ana AgoreEquivalences of (co)module algebra structures over Hopf algebrasRTIS 2019YesNo
Guilherme AlmeidaDifferential Geometry of Orbit space of Extended Jacobi Group $A_n$RTIS 2019YesNo
Sigiswald BarbierThe blocks of the periplectic Brauer algebraRTIS 2019YesNo
Luan BezerraQuantum toroidal superalgebras associated with $\mathfrak{gl}_{m|n}$RTIS 2019YesNo
Rekha BiswalDemazure multiplicities of excellent filtrations in higher rank and cone theta functionsRTIS 2019YesNo
Ilija ​BuricSuperconformal blocks and Calogero-Moser systemsRTIS 2019YesNo
Marijana ButoracQuasi-particle bases of principal subspaces of representations of affine Lie algebrasRTIS 2019YesNo
Tanmay DeshpandeA Verlinde formula for twisted conformal blocksRTIS 2019YesNo
Laszlo ​FeherReduction of a bi-Hamiltonian hierarchy on $T^∗U(n)$ to spin Ruijsenaars--Sutherland modelsRTIS 2019YesNo
Nikolay GrantcharovExtension quiver for Lie superalgebra $\mathfrak{q}(3)$RTIS 2019YesNo
Chenliang HuangThe solutions of $\mathfrak{gl}(m|n)$ Bethe ansatz equation and rational pseudodifferential operatorsRTIS 2019YesNo
Alexei IlinBethe subalgebras in YangiansRTIS 2019YesNo
Askold KhovanskiiGood Compactification Theorem and the Ring of Conditions of \( (\mathbb C^*)^n\)(\mathbb C^*)^nRTIS 2019YesNo
Igor KricheverThe Bethe ansatz equations and integrable system of particlesRTIS 2019YesNo
Jian-Rong LiQuantum affine algebras and GrassmanniansRTIS 2019YesNo
Andras LorinczEquivariant $\mathcal D$-modules on varieties with finitely many orbitsRTIS 2019YesNo
Zhipeng LuFlatness of the commutator map on $\mathrm{SL}_n$​RTIS 2019YesNo
Akane NakamuraRecovering linear from nonlinearRTIS 2019YesNo
Maxim NazarovRepresentations of Yangians via Howe dualityRTIS 2019YesNo
Nikita NikolaevAbelianisation of $\mathrm{SL}(2)$-Connections and the Hitchin SystemRTIS 2019YesNo
Veronica PedicOn fusion rules for the Weyl vertex algebra modulesRTIS 2019YesNo
Eric RainsNoncommutative geometry and special functionsRTIS 2019YesNo
Claudia RellaMotivic Scattering AmplitudesRTIS 2019YesNo
Nikolai ReshetikhinSuperintegrable systems of Calogero-Moser type on moduli spaces of flat connectionsRTIS 2019YesNo
Natasha RozhkovskayaVertex operators presentation of generalized Hall-Littlewood polynomialsRTIS 2019YesNo
Libor SnoblSuperintegrability in the presence of magnetic fieldsRTIS 2019YesNo
Oleksandr TsymbaliukIntegrable systems via shifted quantum groupsRTIS 2019YesNo
Filipp UvarovDuality for Bethe algebras acting on polynomials in anticommuting variablesRTIS 2019YesNo
Alexander VeselovOn integrability, geometrization and knotsRTIS 2019YesNo
Charles YoungAffine Gaudin models and hypergeometric integrals of motionRTIS 2019YesNo
Luis-Fernando AldayNon-planar holographic correlators from the analytic bootstrapIGST 2018YesNo
Till BargheerHandling Handles: Non-Planar AdS/CFT IntegrabilityIGST 2018YesNo
Benjamin BassoContinuum limit of fishnet graphs and AdS sigma modelIGST 2018YesNo
Niklas BeisertYangian Symmetry and Correlation Functions in Planar N = 4 SYMIGST 2018YesNo
Jacob BourjailyRationalizing Loop IntegrationIGST 2018YesNo
Simon Caron-HuotUnifying correlators in AdS5xS5 supergravityIGST 2018YesNo
Kevin CostelloTopological holography and the chiral algebra of N=4 gauge theoryIGST 2018YesNo
Robert de-Mello-KochIntegrability from Emergent Gauge TheoryIGST 2018YesNo
Johanna ErdmengerQuantum complexity in AdS/CFT and in quantum field theoryIGST 2018YesNo
Simone GiombiHalf-BPS Wilson line and defect 1d CFTIGST 2018YesNo
Lucía Gómez-CórdovaAdding flavour to the S-matrix bootstrap.IGST 2018YesNo
Nikolay GromovQuantum Spectral Curve and Structure ConstantsIGST 2018YesNo
Yunfeng JiangBethe ansatz and algebraic geometryIGST 2018YesNo
Vladimir KazakovConformal Fishnet TheoryIGST 2018YesNo
Madalena LemosBootstrapping 4d N=2 conformal theoriesIGST 2018YesNo
Juan MaldacenaTraversable wormholesIGST 2018YesNo
Elli PomoniCounting instantons in N=1 theories of class SkIGST 2018YesNo
Balázs PozsgayOne-point functions in defect CFT, Integrable Matrix Product States, and boundary integrabilityIGST 2018YesNo
Leonardo RastelliThe Chiral Algebra Program for Four-Dimensional SuperConformal Field TheoriesIGST 2018YesNo
Vladimir Rosenhausd-dimensional SYK, AdS loops, and 6j symbolsIGST 2018YesNo
Volker SchomerusSchroedinger's Equation for Conformal SymmetryIGST 2018YesNo
Amit SeverNon-planar Scattering AmplitudesIGST 2018YesNo
Alessandro SfondriniPlanar and non-planar correlation functions in AdS/CFTIGST 2018YesNo
Bogdan StefanskiAdS3/CFT2: Moduli and wrappingIGST 2018YesNo
Matthias WilhelmThe Hagedorn temperature of AdS5/CFT4 at finite coupling via the Quantum Spectral CurveIGST 2018YesNo
Konstantin ZaremboQuantum corrections to holographic Wilson loopsIGST 2018YesNo
Jean-Sébastien CauxQuench, Hydro and Floquet dynamics in integrable systems.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Bernard DerridaRenormalization and disorder: a simple toy model.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Jacopo De-NardisHydrodynamic diffusion in integrable systems from form-factors expansion.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Rouven FrassekQ-operators for rational spin chains.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Oleksandr GamayunIntegrable aspects of the mobile impurity.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Allan GerrardNested Bethe ansatz for orthogonal and symplectic open spin chains.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Cristian GiardinàAn algebraic approach to stochastic duality.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Frank GöhmannA form factor series for dynamical correlation functions of integrable lattice models at finite temperature.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Arthur HutsalyukAlgebraic Bethe ansatz multiple action formulas using current approach.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Takashi ImotoExact regimes of collapsed and extra twostring solutions in the two down spin sector of the spin 1/2 massive XXZ spin chain.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Jesper JacobsenFour-point functions in the Fortuin-Kasteleyn cluster model.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Karol KozlowskiSingularities of dynamic response functions in the massless regime of the XXZ chain.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Sylvain LacroixQuantum Affine Gaudin models.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Andrii LiashykNew determinant representations of scalar products in integrable models associated to higher rank algebras.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Barry MccoyDeformation theory and Ising Correlations.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Alexi Morin-DuchesneFunctional relations in the $A^{(1)}_2$ models.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Balazs PozsgayIntegrable states, exact overlaps, and the Boundary Yang-Baxter relation.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Michelangelo PretiStrongly deformed N=4 SYM in the double scaling limit as an integrable CFT.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Tomaž ProsenTime-dependent matrix product ansatz for interacting reversible dynamics.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Julien RoussillonIrregular conformal blocks and connection formulae for Painlevé V functions.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Gunter SchützDuality and quantum algebra symmetry in stochastic particle systems.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Nikita SlavnovModified algebraic Bethe ansatz and scalar products.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Spyros SotiriadisCorrelation functions of the quantum sine-Gordon model in and out of equilibrium.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Véronique TerrasIntegrable quantum spin chains by Separation of Variables: recent advances.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Matthieu VanicatIntegrable Floquet dynamics, generalized exclusion processes and matrix ansatz.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Eric VernierThe rich symmetries of the U(1)-invariant Potts model.RAQIS 2018YesNo
Lara AndersonCalabi-Yau fibrations, finiteness and string dualitiesStrings 2018YesYes
Philip ArgyresCoulomb branches of 4d QFTsStrings 2018YesYes
Francesco BeniniDualities and dynamics in 2+1 dimensionsStrings 2018YesYes
Clay CordovaWhat's new with Q?Strings 2018YesYes
Xi DongQuantum entanglement in holographyStrings 2018YesYes
Tohru EguchiIntroduction to stringy moonshineStrings 2018YesYes
Thomas FaulknerModular flow for bulk reconstruction and the QNECStrings 2018YesYes
Davide GaiottoTopological holographyStrings 2018YesYes
James HalversonString theory and data scienceStrings 2018YesYes
Masanori HanadaBlack holes and random matrices II: New universality at early time?Strings 2018YesYes
Sarah HarrisonNumber theory in string theory: skew mock false, and quantumStrings 2018YesYes
Thomas HartmanBounds on energy, entropy, and transportStrings 2018YesYes
Jeffrey HarveyUmbral and penumbral moonshineStrings 2018YesYes
Simeon HellermanSome elementary but surprising properties of quantum field theoriesStrings 2018YesYes
Yu-tin HuangInside the walls of positive geometry: the space of consistent QFTsStrings 2018YesYes
Igor KlebanovTensor quantum mechanics at N large and smallStrings 2018YesYes
Zohar KomargodskiThe vacua of some 2+1 dimensional gauge theoriesStrings 2018YesYes
Shota KomatsuNonplanar correlators in N=4 SYM from integrabilityStrings 2018YesYes
Madalena LemosBootstrapping 4d N=2 theoriesStrings 2018YesYes
Roberto LongoModular theory and Bekenstein's boundStrings 2018YesYes
Juan MaldacenaTraversable wormholesStrings 2018YesYes
Gregory MooreGlobal anomalies in six-dimensional supergravityStrings 2018YesYes
David MorrisonThree roads to 4D supersymmetric physicsStrings 2018YesYes
Natalie PaquetteBoundaries, interfaces, and duality in 3d SCFTsStrings 2018YesYes
Roji PiusQuantum closed superstrings and hyperbolic geometryStrings 2018YesYes
Silviu PufuM-theory S-matrix from 3d SCFTStrings 2018YesYes
Xiaoliang QiEternal traversable wormhole in two dimensionsStrings 2018YesYes
Shlomo RazamatSCFTs in 6d and IR symmetry enhancement in 4dStrings 2018YesYes
Jorge SantosConnecting the weak gravity conjecture to the weak cosmic censorshipStrings 2018YesYes
Nathan SeibergQED3Strings 2018YesYes
Ashoke SenDevelopments in string field theoryStrings 2018YesYes
Shu-Heng ShaoBeyond symmetry: Topological lines in 2DStrings 2018YesYes
Eva Silversteinde Sitter holography and entanglement entropyStrings 2018YesYes
David Simmons-DuffinDevelopments in the conformal bootstrapStrings 2018YesYes
Jaewon SongN=1 Lagrangians for N=2 "Non-Lagrangian" theoriesStrings 2018YesYes
Douglas StanfordA semiclassical ramp in SYK and in gravityStrings 2018YesYes
Andrew StromingerProgress in soft physicsStrings 2018YesYes
Cumrun VafaCosmology and the string swamplandStrings 2018YesYes
Irene ValenzuelaSwampland, field distances and naturalnessStrings 2018YesYes
Edward WittenMonotonicity of relative entropy in quantum field theoryStrings 2018YesYes
Masahito YamazakiIntegrable field theories from 4d Chern-Simons theoryStrings 2018YesYes