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Here are a few pictures of the HQC team with which I have the chance to work now, and other groups which have nicely welcomed me in the past.




The HQC team in January 2014, photo by Francine Filatriau (O.H.N.K). From left to right: Matthieu Desjardin, Laure Bruhat, Matthieu Dartiailh, Takis Kontos, Audrey Cottet, and Jérémie Viennot..




Consended Matter Theory group, University of Basel, 2002. Foreground, from left to right: Carlos Egues, Audrey Cottet, Pascal Simon, Daniel Loss, and Alexander Khaetskii. Background, from left to right: Veniamin Abalmassov, Florian Meier, Hans Andreas Engel, Audrius Alkauskas, Bill Coish, Daniel Saraga, Wolfgang Belzig, Florian Marquadt, Hanno Gassmann, Oliver Gywat, Patrik Recher, Vitaly Golovach, and Christian Schroll. Christoph Bruder is missing.





The Quantronics group, August 2001, Saclay. From left to right and top to bottom: Hugues Pothier, Ronald Cron, Pief Orfila, Philippe Joyez, Daniel Estève, Cristian Urbina, Denis Vion, Anne Anthore, Abdel Aassime, Michel Devoret and Audrey Cottet