Workshop on "Selection in Population Genetics"- Paris, December 6-7, 2011

Talks are scheduled to be 25 minutes long + 20 minutes for questions.

Participants are expected to organize freely for lunch.

The coffee breaks and wine and cheese are provided.

Tuesday, December 6th

8:30 Introduction
9:00 Michael Laessig - Clonal interference in influenza
9:45 Simon Tavare - Some comments on detecting selection in cancer samples
10:30 coffee
11:00 Bernard Derrida - Simple models of evolution with selection and genealogies
11:45 Oskar Hallatschek - Beyond the dichotomy of "clonal interference" versus "multiple mutations"
12:30 lunch
2:00 Henrique Teotonio - Detecting positive/negative purifying selection and balancing selection at the DNA sequence level in large populations of varying outcrossing rates
2:45 Olin Silander - The Evolution of Transcriptional Control in E. coli
3:30 coffee
4:00 Nick Barton - Can we find the alleles that cause the response to selection?
4:45 Joachim Hermisson - Adaptation to a moving optimimum
5:30 discussion - Boris Shraiman (discussion leader)
6:00 poster session and wine and cheese

Wednesday, December 7th

9:00 Isabel Gordo - Distribution of mutation effects in Escherichia coli
9:45 Ivan Matic - Environmental tuning of mutation rates in bacteria
10:30 coffee
11:00 Helene Morlon - Inferring long term diversity dynamics : reconciling molecular phylogenies with the fossil record
11:45 Alison Etheridge - Modelling selection in a spatial continuum
12:30 lunch
2:00 Sander Tans - Optimality and evolutionary constraint in variable enviroments
2:45 Olivier Tenaillon - The emergence of complexity and restricted pleiotropy in evolving networks
3:30 coffee
4:00 Richard Neher - Adaptation and diversity in large sexual populations
4:45 Gil McVean - Differential confounding of rare and common variants in spatially-structured populations
5:30 discussion - Erik van Nimwegen (discussion leader)