GDRI "Evolution, Regulation and Signaling"

The GDRI "Evolution, Regulation and Signaling" is a CNRS initiated and supported European wide scientific network centered around the biophysics of Evolution, Regulation and Signaling. The network has been actively functioning from 2011, organizing conferences, workshops and summer schools and creating a european biophysics community.

Every year in the autumn the GDRI organizes a Paris Biological Physics Community Day. The meeting is organized by PhD students and post-docs from the greater Paris area with the goal of helping young researchers in various areas of biophysics to get to know one another. If you are interested in organizing the next meeting, please contact Aleksandra Walczak.

Events in 2018

Evolution of Diversity, Les Houches, France, Feb 26- Mar 2 2018
Quantitative Immunology and Viral Evolution, Sep 26 - 28 2018, ENS, Paris
Paris Biological Physics Community Day, autumn 2018

If you have questions please email Aleksandra Walczak. This webpage may not be up to date.

Recurrent GDRI supported events:

Paris Biological Physics Community Day
Darwin Day

A list of organized meetings and schools by year (2011 - 2017)

Physics and Biological Systems - Université Paris XI, Orsay
Selection in Population Genetics, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris

Statistical Physics and Information Processing in Biology -- Pasteur Institut

Statistical mechanics of Biological Cooperativity, Marienhamn, Aland, Finland
EMBO Workshop Physical Biology of Cancer - 7-9th March 2013, Candiolo, Italy

Evolution, Regulation and Signaling - LMU Munich, Germany
Quantitative Immunology, Les Houches, France.

ICTP Conference on Sensing, Information and Decision at the Cellular Level, Trieste, Italy
Models of Life Conference, Copenahgen, Denmark

Dynamics and Information Processing : from Cells to Tissues, Les Houches, France
Coevolution in proteins and RNA, theory and experiments, Cargese, France
Quantitative Laws II - from physiology to ecology, from interaction structures to collective behavior, Como, Italy

Cargese Summer School on Theoretical Biological Physics, Cargese, France
Quantitative Methods in Gene Regulation, Cambridge, UK

Scientific committee (former and current members):

Rosalind Allen, University of Edinburgh
Erik Aurell, KTH
Antonio Celani, ICTP
Irene Giardina, La Sapienza
Ulrich Gerland, TU Munich
Mogens Hogh Jensen, Niels Bohr Institute
Oskar Hallatschek, MPI Goettingen
Vincent Hakim, CNRS ENS Paris
Pieter Rein ten Wolde, AMOLF
Aleksandra Walczak,CNRS ENS Paris
Massimo Vergassola, Pasteur