Research laboratories

The Kastler Brossel Laboratory

Director → Antoine Heidmann

The Kastler Brossel Laboratory (LKB) is a Mixed Unit of Research depending on the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS), the National Center for Scientific research (CNRS), the University Pierre & Marie Curie (UPMC) and the Collège de France. LKB (...) | ↦ Read more

Laboratory Pierre Aigrain

Director → Jérôme Tignon

The Laboratory Pierre Aigrain (LPA – UMR 8551) is a leading physics institute in the field of condensed matter. The main research domains are related to the optical (from the terahertz to the ultraviolet) and electrical properties (from DC to (...) | ↦ Read more

Laboratory of Statistical Physics

Director → Jorge Kurchan

Statistical Physics constitutes a set of ideas and methods at the heart of physics, whose scope is the understanding of the properties of physical systems with many interacting components. By its nature it has has frontiers and common grounds (...) | ↦ Read more

Laboratory of Theoretical Physics

Director → Constantin Bachas

The LPTENS encompasses approximately forty five researchers working on various areas of theoretical physics. We on the one hand study the quantization of gravity, mainly in the context of string theory, problems in high energy physics (in (...) | ↦ Read more

The Radio Astronomy Laboratory

Director → Maryvonne Gerin

The LRA is part of the LERMA (UMR 8112 du CNRS), department of l’Observatoire de Paris. The research activities at LRA are theoretical and about observations.. They are strongly linked to the physics of interstellar medium and of star formation. (...) | ↦ Read more