The Department of Physics provides ressources for teachers, researchers, students and for the general public on topics related to fundamental physics.

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Colloquium - 2018/2019

Colloquium, year 2018 - 2019 Every other Tuesday, at 5:15pm in salle Jean Jaurès, 29 rue d’Ulm, Paris | ↦ Read more

Upcoming Seminars

Find out more about the upcoming physics seminars organised within and outside of ENS. Location, schedule and contact organisers are listed in the ’useful information’ section. Lab Seminars Laboratoire Kastler-Brossel (LKB) Site web : (...) | ↦ Read more

Events "In Focus"

Here you will find all the articles listed in the "In Focus" section of our website for the year 2018 | ↦ Read more

Fête de la Science

Retrouvez ici l’intégralité des visuels de l’exposition temporaire ainsi que le livret pédagogique de la Fête de la Science édition 2018. Le département de physique de l’ENS remercie chaleureusement les participants à cette journée riche d’échanges ! (...) | ↦ Read more

Perspectives in Physics

| ↦ Read more

Physics seminars ENS-X-UPS

PHYSICS SEMINARS ENS-X-UPS 2, 3 ET 4 MAI 2018 THEME OF THE DAYS: ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE AND SCALING LAWS This symposium is organized for the teachers of preparatory classes by the Physics Departments of the Ecole Normale Supérieure and the (...) | ↦ Read more

Le Département de physique aux élèves des CPGE scientifiques

Exposés scientifiques et espace de dialogue sur le thème des TIPE (Travaux d’initiative personnelle encadrés). | ↦ Read more

MOOC in Statistical Mechanics

The massive open online course (MOOC) concept has already transformed the way people around the globe can access education. The Ẻcole normale supérieure has decided to be an actor in this movement and it’s an opportunity for the Department of (...) | ↦ Read more

Cycles lessons

Cours de Claude Cohen-Tannoudji Retrouvez les cours de Chaire de physique atomique et moléculaire de Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Prix Nobel de Physique 1997. Vous pouvez aussi retrouver l’initiation aux atomes froids par l’équipe "atomes froids" du (...) | ↦ Read more

The Beg Rohu Summer school

The Beg Rohu Summer school is an international summer school of statistical physics and condensed matter. It is located at the French National Sailing School in Brittany. Every year it gathers for two weeks fifty participants—half PhD (...) | ↦ Read more


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