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mis en ligne le 12.09.17 URGENT - PhD Superconducting circuits - CEA GRENOBLE

Infos Complémentaires

The project involves two laboratories of the CEA :

The Lateqs lab for low temperature measurements which gather physicists with strong expertise in quantum nanoelectronics and the LETI where the superconducting Silicon transistors will be fabricated.

The PhD work will be done in strong collaboration with the two labs and therefore will offer a mix education between fundamental physics and more applied technologies.

For a student ready to start his(her) PhD now, we can apply for a PhD grant to one of the following calls :



The timing is rather short as the deadline is October 5th, so please hurry-up !

For a student planning starting a PhD next year, an internship is possible at the CEA and other calls are scheduled in spring.