Lyderic Bocquet has been awarded the CNRS silver medal 2017

Lyderic Bocquet, researcher at the laboratory of Statistical Physics, was awarded the CNRS silver medal 2017 for his work at the interface between soft condensed matter, hydrodynamics and nano-science.

His research group (’Micromegas team’) combines experiments, theory, and molecular simulations to explore the dynamics of fluid interfaces from the macroscopic down to the molecular level.

Each year, the distinction is awarded to researchers for the originality, the quality and the importance of their recognized works, nationally and internationally.

The communauty of "CNRS talents" is chosen for personifying science in media but also among the youth, the decision-makers and the CNRS economical partners.

Congratulations to him !

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And good luck to the Micromegas team !

Link to Lyderic Bocquet’s webpage