French-Japanese Workshops

Workshop University of Tokyo/ENS
27-28 September 2018
Department of Physics, Ens

Room L363-365

October 27 (Thu)

8:30 registration

9:00 Opening address

9:10 Gwendal Fève (LPA)
“Extracting single electron wavefunctions from quantum electrical currents”
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9:40 Seigo Tarucha (Dept. of Appl. Phys.)
“Proximity-induced Superconductivity in Double Nanowires Mediated by Cooper Pair Splitting : Necessary Condition for Creating Generalized Majorana Fermion”
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10:10 Christophe Voisin (LPA)
“Tunable single-photon source using a carbon nanotube coupled to a fiber
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10:40 coffee

11:10 Kazuhiko Hirakawa (IIS)
“Room temperature, fast, and sensitive bolometric terahertz detection by using
MEMS resonators”
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11:40 Rémi Monasson, Simona Coco (LPT/LPS)
“Learning protein constitutive motifs from sequence data”
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12:10 Tetsuya Kobayashi (IIS)
“Inference of latent physiological states from cell lineage trees”
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12:40 Lunch

14:00 Jean Dalibard (LKB)
“Revisiting the two-fluid model with atomic gases”
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14:30 Ryo Shimano (Dept. of Phys.)
“Photo-induced nonequilibrium dynamics in superconductors”
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15:00 Denis Bernard (LPT)
“Curiosities in monitoring quantum systems (in and out of equilibrium)”
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15:30 Seiji Miyashita (Dept. of Phys.)
“Optical bistability in a strong-coupled quantum low photon-density regime in a cavity”
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16:00 coffee

16:30 Lydéric Bocquet (LPS)
“Water flows at nanoscales and exotic ionic transport”
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17:00 Akira Furukawa (IIS)
“Key role of density in the strong-fragile classification of glass-forming liquids”
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17:30 Sylvain Gigan (LKB)
“Wavefront control in complex media : imaging and beyond”
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19:00 Dinner

Sep. 28 (Fri), 2018

9:00 Gauthier Krizman (LPA)
“Magneto-optics of Pb1-xSnxSe topological surface states versus temperature”
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9:30 Toshihito Osada (ISSP)
“Possible Topological States in an Organic Dirac Semimetal”
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10:00 Eric Perez (LPS)
“Anisotropic cellular adhesion behind the integrity of cutaneous barrier”
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10:30 coffee

11:00 Masami Sano (Dept. of Phys.)
“Extracting dynamics from data in active matter : Force and tissue dynamics”
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11:30 Norikatsu Mio (Inst. for Photon Science & Technol.)
“Gravitational wave astronomy by advanced laser interferometry”
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12:00 Christophe Gissinger (LPS)
“Magnetically-driven oceans in Jovian moons”
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12:30 Satoshi Yamamoto (Dept. of Phys.)
“Chemical view of star and planet formation”
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13:00 closing

France-Japan Workshop on Hybrid Quantum Systems
1-2 October 2018
Department of Physics, Ens

Room L363-365

Oct. 1 (Mon), 2018

8:30 registration

9:00 Opening address

mesoscopic physics ------
9:15 Takis Kontos (LPA-ENS)
“Mesoscopic quantum electrodynamics with carbon nanotubes”
9:45 Seigo Tarucha (University of Tokyo)
"Spin-photon interface with quantum dots"

Topological insulators ------
10:15 Nicolas Regnault (LPA-ENS)
“Living on the edge : hybrid structures and topological order”

10:45 coffee

11:15 Minoru Kawamura (RIKEN)
"Topology : a new knob for electric switch"
11:45 Helene Bouchiat (LPS University Paris Sud)
“Topological superconductivity”
12:15 Russel Deacon (RIKEN)
“Fractional ac-Josephson effect as a signature of Topological Superconductivity”

12:45 Lunch

optomechanics, MEMS/NEMS ------
14:00 Jean-Michel Gérard (CEA/CNRS Grenoble)
“Photonic trumpets for quantum optics and hybrid optomechanics”
14:30 Hiroshi Yamaguchi (NTT Basic Research Laboratories)
“Carrier-mediated optomechanics”

15:00 Ivan Favero (University Paris Diderot)
“Collective Nano-Optomechanics”
15:30 Takashi Yamamoto (Osaka Univ.)
“Quantum network with photons, atoms, and optomechanics”

16:00 coffee

16:30 Pierre François Cohadon (LKB/University Paris Sorbonne)
“An optomechanical transducer between optical and microwave fields”
17:00 Masahiro Nomura (University of Tokyo)
“Heat conduction engineering by thermocrystals”
17:30 Mikio Eto (Keio University)
“Photo-current through an array of quantum dots”

19:00 Dinner

Oct. 2 (Tue), 2018

−−− Spintronics −−−
9:00 Catherine Gourdon (University Paris Sorbonne)
“Magneto-elastic control of magnetizationFemto second laser pulse control of magnetization”
9:30 Yoshiro Hirayama (Tohoku University)
“Microscopic Characterizations based on Nuclear Resonance”

Optical properties of condensed matters, quantum optics ------
10:00 Alberto Amo (University of Lille)
“Topological properties of polariton lattices”

10:30 coffee

11:00 Satoshi Iwamoto (University of Tokyo)
“Topological interface states in semiconductor photonic crystals”
11:30 Jean Michel Raimond (LKB/College de France)
“Quantum measurement and simulation with Rydberg atoms”
12:00 Norikazu Mizuochi (Kyoto University)
“Quantum hybrid sensor by NV centers in diamond”

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Cristiano Ciutti (University Paris Diderot)
“Ultra-strong light matter coupling”
14:30 Takao Aoki (Waseda Univ.)
“Cavity QED with optical nanofibers and trapped atoms”
15:00 Frederic Chevy (LKB/ENS)
“Strongly correlated Fermi gases”

15:30 Closing