Quantum machines : quantum physics with electrical circuits and mechanical resonators

Enseignants : Pierre-François Cohadon, Samuel Deleglise (LKB UPMC) et Patrice Bertet (SPEC/CEA Saclay)

Nombre d’ECTS : 3

Langue d’enseignement :

Description :

Although quantum physics is primarily applied to microscopic systems such as atoms or particles, it can also describe the behavior of much more macroscopic, “man-made” systems such as electrical circuits or mechanical oscillators. Once considered exclusively a subject of fundamental research, these artificial quantum systems are now also regarded as being among the most promising for quantum technologies, and in particular quantum-enhanced computing and sensing. The goal of these lectures is to give an introduction to their physics and applications

Electrical circuits
• Josephson junctions and Josephson quantum bits or qubits
• Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics : Josephson qubits and microwave resonators in strong coupling
• Josephson Parametric Amplifiers for measurements at the quantum limit
• Quantum computing with Josephson qubits
• Quantum sensing with Josephson circuits : applications in magnetic resonance

Mechanical resonators and Optomechanics
• Vibration modes in continuous media and microresonators
• Noise in physics experiments. Thermal noise
• Quantum sidebands. Quantum-limited position sensing
• Hamiltonian approach to optomechanics
• Quantum effects in optomechanics