Symposium 2014

The department of Physics presents : The Annual Symposium

The annual symposium is organized by the LabEx ENS-ICFP (International Centre for Fundamental Physics).
The objective is to offer a forum for discussion to new members of the department and to introduce them to scientific community at the department.
Please find below the program of last year symposium :
Annual Symposium
Department of Physics
ENS-ICFP (International Centre for Fundamental Physics)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014
2:00 – 6:00 PM - Salle Jules Ferry

Schedule of Speakers

2:00 pm Werner Krauth Welcome

2:10 pm Julio Navarro “Cosmological Challenges from Dwarf Galaxies”
Professor ENS

2:50 pm Lyderic Bocquet “Fluid transport and mechanics at the nanoscales, from aquaporins to nanotubes : fast and curious ”
Research Director- CNRS
Soft matter

3:20 pm Sylvain Gigan “Controlling light in complex media : imaging and beyond"
Professeur Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Kastler-Brossel Laboratory
Wavefront Control in Complex media

3:50 pm Gabriel Hétet "Quantum optics with diamond"
Maître de conférences – Laboratory Pierre Aigrain
Quantum optics

4:10 pm Coffee Break

4:30 pm Charles K. Fisher “Statistical Physics and Machine Learning for Complex Biological Systems”
IPM laureate 2014, ENS – Laboratory of Theoretical Physics
Theoretical biophysics

4:45 pm Igor Dotsenko “Quantum light”
Maître de conférences Collège de France – Kastler-Brossel Laboratory
Quantum optics

5:00 pm Rachid Thiam “From emulsions in microfluidics to lipid metabolism”
… Fellow – Laboratory of Statistical Physics
Soft matter and Biophysics

5:20 pm Thibaut Jacqmin “Microwave-to-optical nanomechanical transducer”
Maître de conferences UPMC – Kastler-Brossel Laboratory
Quantum information

5:40 pm Badih Assaf “Topological Insulators : Fundamentals, Materials and Devices”
JRC laureate 2014 – Department of physics

5:55 pm Maurizio Fagotti “Relaxation in quantum many-body systems”
JRC laureate 2014 – Department of physics
Theoretical physics

6:15 pm Cocktail dînatoire