Modélisation mathématique et physique macroscopique
mathematical modeling and macroscopic physics
(Parcours du M2 master M2 'Mathématiques Appliquées et THéoriques')

A total of 60 ECTS is required over the year. All the courses are optional (no mandatory course), but the program study must include at least two courses in physics (chosen from the 6-ECTS courses listed below) and two courses in maths (chosen from any mathematical courses listed below).
Several mathematics courses have no prerequisites and are accessible to physicists students even if they have not taken mathematics courses in L3 and M1. In particular: Introduction to statistical mechanics - Differential dynamical systems in Mechanics and Physics - Numerical methods for fluid dynamics.
Provided that timetables are compatible, students will also be able to choose from other M2 courses, for example from the ICFP master.
Students will have to validate an internship in a research laboratory (24 ECTS). For students who want to get up to date in mathematics, optional refresher courses are offered in mid-September.