Modélisation mathématique et physique macroscopique
mathematical modeling and macroscopic physics

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The master 'mathematical modeling and macroscopic physics' offers courses in macroscopic physics, out of equilibrium phenomena, fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, non-linear waves and patterns generated by instability. The corresponding mathematical tools are mainly dynamical systems, partial differential equations and stochastic processes.

For which research topics is this training useful ?
• Nonlinear physics
• Out of equilibrium statistical physics
• Solid mechanics
• Fluid dynamics, turbulence
• Application of fluid dynamics to meteorology, oceanography, climate or more generally GAFD
• Industrial applications of fluid dynamics, energy transformation
• Plasma physics
• Dynamical modeling (applied math or theoretical physics)
• Applications to complex systems, networks, finance, theoretical biology, …, or any problem which technically requires to solve PDE’s or coupled ODE’s

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